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FREE SHIPPING: EU Orders €75+ | International Orders €200+
FREE SHIPPING: EU Orders €75+ | International Orders €200+




    Amber de lux uses only the finest genuine natural Baltic amber beadsAll of our jewelry is made from natural Baltic amber. Each bead is made from one piece of amber. The only treatment our amber receives is by autoclave, heating and polishing.  The quality of our jewelry can be seen in the finish of each bead. 

    We ensure quality in detail through the finish of each individual bead: our beads do not break easily, are round, the holes for threads are in the middle, they have a strong gloss finish, and their color is bright.  Combining these details gives a good measure of quality, as the round shape shows the raw amber has been cut by skilled craftsmen and tumbled with high end machinery. Center holes point to experienced drillers and high quality drills. Our amber's strength in withstanding breakage while maintaining a nice light color, reflects a well balanced autoclave technique. Such strong gloss finish and bright colors can only be achieved by polishing beads for 48-72 hours straight. All of this work and effort is put into each Amber de lux bead. 



      Amber de lux jewelry uses only baroque shaped Baltic amber beads. The smoothness of each bead this shape offers, and warmth that Baltic amber naturally embodies, creates a comfortable wear with no irritation against the wearers skin. Worn directly against the skin for maximum health benefits, individual amber beads will meet the body's natural temperature therefore creating a subtle presence for the wearer, and allowing for a pleasurable and stylish wear. 



        Strung on quality TYTAN 10 thread. Each bead is hand knotted individually. In the event of breakage, beads will not scatter and be individually exposed. All articles of jewelry are secured with a plastic screw clasp which will pop off one side of the thread in the case of relative increased pressure.




          Through the matching color of clasp to amber, it's natural presence is preserved .  Using screw clasps as opposed to metal clasps prevents skin irritation and possible allergic reaction. They also make for a safer wear with its thread release function. 

          These techniques, detail, and know how, is what makes Amber de lux amber of the highest quality.