Grech & Co.

Practical Pieces of Everyday Magic

Our collections are inspired by the nurturing Mother, the free spirited Child, and the essence of Nature. From gorgeous hair clips and whimsical artworks, to eco-friendly baby toys and natural jewelry.  Each piece is carefully chosen, designed and created to nurture the soul - offering beauty and ease to your everyday.

Grech & Co. is a conscious, ever-evolving lifestyle brand. 

As our children and our world grow, so too do the needs of Mother Nature.  It is our mission to continue to adopt ethical practices that demonstrate our love for Humanity and Mother Earth.  It is also our vision to help spread this awareness amongst our children of the world.... 


Hey There! I'm Janet, mama to 4 small.... three girls + a boy - all born within six years of each other; 2012 , 2014, 2106, 2018.  Born and raised in San Diego, California, I moved to Denmark in 2012, where my Danish husband and I grow our not so little family and where Grech & Co. has established its Danish roots. 

Since childhood, I have always had a special love for nature, vintage vibes, preloved items, and soulful pieces that had purpose. When my second child was teething, I stumbled across the concept of Baltic amber jewelry and it's beautiful properties. As a former teacher, it's in my nature to teach and share. So when I could not find it in the Danish market....  Grech & Co. was established.  

Since then, the inspirations and demands of motherhood and life have evolved,  and so too, have our collections. Being a busy mom - it's truly become about the little things. Little pieces of joy that bring that extra boost we sometimes didn't know we needed. Be it found in the beauty and function of a hair clip, or the natural essence and calming energy of baltic amber jewelry...

it's truly the little things that Make Life G R A N D