Our Story

Practical Pieces of Everyday Magic


Grech & Co. is a European-American label founded in Denmark, in 2015. It creates a range of essentials and accessories for the whole family to love, use, wear and share. 


It is a space where California Retro meets Modern European-Nordic Minimalism.  It is solid colors in simple form, timeless patterns and meaningful prints.  


Each piece from each collection is thoughtfully created to nurture the soul by offering beautiful comfort and ease to your day to day.


It is sunny, playful, bold - yet simple. Transitional. Single designs that reach all ages, genders and seasons, while using conscious production and materials.  


It is a ‘less is more’ philosophy. It is kind to our environment.


It is family owned and operated to its core, and understands there is nothing more important than just that - Your little big family.


 About the Founder


Born and raised in San Diego, California, founder and designer Janet Grech spends Motherhood between Denmark and her heritage home of Malta. She sees fashion as a means of merging the nostalgia of her 90’s retro California childhood, with her Nordic-European experience of Motherhood. 


She also sees fashion as so much more than expression. 


 Grech & Co. is inspired by the modern family.


Raising 5 children between countries inspires the designs behind the brand. Style does not need to be compromised for function or practicality. The idea that one single item such as a water bottle can be equally loved and used by both Mother and Son for example, can be quite impactful for both our personal economies and environment. 

And so, It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Grech & Co. family, where practical pieces of magic meet everyday life.  


Grech & Co. Founder