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FREE SHIPPING: EU Orders €75+ | International Orders €200+

Angel Of Mine | Angel Caller Bola Chime Necklaces





Angel Of Mine by Grech & Co. are gorgeous bola chime necklaces for women, expecting mothers and nursing mothers.

Bola chime pendants are an ancestral jewelry worn in many countries throughout the world.  Traditionally worn by expecting mothers, the chime of the pendant called on their Guardian Angels for protection.  Sharing this beautiful, heartfelt tradition, Grech & Co. offers only high quality chime pendants that will make for a most sentimental - heirloom jewelry, and can be passed down between generations to come. 


Angel Of Mine for All

Many of us can remember times in our lives, where we are most certain a Guardian Angel was watching over us. Angel Of Mine Angel Callers are perfect for anyone looking to stay connected to their Angel side, amidst the daily grid of life. 


Gorgeous Ancient Traditional Necklaces for Expecting and Nursing Mothers

Angel Of Mine is a collection of gorgeous and meaningful necklaces worn by expecting mothers, facilitating a special and unique bond between mother and child.    

Angel Of Mine necklaces behold a special length allowing the chime pendant at the bottom of the cord, to rest on the belly, closest to your baby in your womb. With movement, the pendant emits a very soft, barely audible chime.  At 20 weeks, your baby will hear this chime while in the safety of your womb. After little one arrives, it is easily shortened by you, and worn during the nursing phase of your journey together.  

The soft calming chime of the bola, which became familiar to your baby while in the womb, will bring peace, calm, and comfort after birth. The familiar chime of your necklace will calm and soothe little one, taking them back to their safe place of the womb and facilitating an even more unique and special bond between mother and child.