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FREE SHIPPING: EU Orders €75+ | International Orders €200+
FREE SHIPPING: EU Orders €75+ | International Orders €200+

Thoughtfully Imagined and Designed in Denmark

GRECH & CO. is a Nordic-Californian family lifestyle brand established in 2015, consciously creating everyday essentials and apparel for the family to love, use, wear and share.

Threads of California dreaming and Nordic simplicity are woven into the designs of each collection. Through inspiration from founder and lead designer Janet Grech’s Southern California childhood and journey of motherhood raising 4 children in Copenhagen, Denmark, each collection lovingly embraces the holistic needs of the family. 

Each piece from each collection is thoughtfully created to nurture the soul by offering beautiful comfort and ease to your day to day.

GRECH & CO. focuses on “the need to haves vs. the nice to haves”. It’s sunny, playful, bold - yet practical. 

Transitional. Versatile. Single designs that reach all ages, genders and seasons, while focusing on eco-conscious production and sustainable materials, thus ensuring longevity and a “quality over quantity” philosophy.  It is kind to our Mother Earth with careful consideration for future generations to come.

Technical Drawing and Annotations

We take immense pride in sharing that we design in-house only, as a design team of just 3 women! 

We feel it is important to share that we do not source any of our designs outside of our team, as we find it allows us to truly capture and keep the GRECH & CO. essence in all of our Pieces of everyday magic.

Each design started off as a rough sketch or model, thoughtfully imagined in Denmark. We then come together on video from our different areas of the world while we bring these rough sketches to life, in mock up form. Our team members then accompany these mock ups with detailed technical drawings, including annotations specifying construction methods, stitching details, fabric types, and any other relevant information. These drawings serve as blueprints to be handed over to our production team, ensuring that each product is crafted just the way we imagined it to be.

Material Sourcing and Testing

Once a design is finalized, we embark on a search for the best ethical materials. Sustainability is at the forefront of our decision-making process. We prioritize materials that are GRS recycled, GOTS certified, and OEKO-TEX certified, among others. Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while ensuring the highest quality for our products.

 **Sampling:** After material sourcing and technical drawing preparation, we move on to the sampling stage. Here, our designs come to life in the hands of skilled craftsmen and artisans. We pay close attention to detail, ensuring that each sample reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability.

**Optimization:** Feedback from our sampling stage allows us to optimize our designs for production. We make any necessary adjustments to enhance fit, functionality, and sustainability. Our goal is to create a durable product that do not only look good.

**Production:** Once our designs are perfected, we move into full-scale production. Whether it's in Portugal or China, we partner with certified factories that uphold our values of fair labor practices and environmental responsibility. Our production process is closely monitored to ensure quality in every step of the way.

**Packaging and Shipping:** After completing the production process, we take great care in packaging our products before shipping them to our customers all around the world. Our warehouse is located on the picturesque island of Malta, where our founder Janet spent her summer vacations with her family. We take pride in delivering our everyday magic to happy customers everywhere.

**Customer Service, Feedback and Satisfaction:** We value feedback from our customers and strive to ensure their satisfaction with our products. Your input helps us continually improve and innovate, driving our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our fabrication process.