Adult Jewelry : Baby Friendly

Chewel Charms are beautiful necklaces made of silicone and natural wood beads, and silicone bangles.  

Made with an easy to close and open plastic pop clasp, they are hassle free to put on and take off, and no skin irritations from metal occur.

Although our necklaces are popular amongst mothers, our designs are so beautiful and on trend, that anyone can wear them. You don’t need a teething baby to wear Chewel Charms!

For moms who love to wear jewelry, teething can be no fun for our little ones or us. With Chewel Charms, you can:

* prevent little one from sticking everything in their mouth; replacing the nasties with something safe, readily available, and approved.  

* prevent broken necklaces from happening

* offer immediate relief of painful, itchy, swollen gums.

* relieve drooling, red cheeks, fussiness, and overall discontent.

* distract baby during nappy changes, baby wearing, and nursing.

* entertain baby in your lap or on your hip.



Want to share the love with your 3 and up tribe? These adorable fidget friendly accessories add a sweetness and charm to your big boy's or big girl's day. Secured with a pop off clasp, your child can express their unique individuality with a fun-loving and bite safe fashion statement, bringing you peace of mind that it will pop off under pressure. Chewel Charms Juniors are safe and multi-sensory accessories, making them perfect for the 3 + crowd to wear!

 Welcome fuss free and style savvy days ahead!
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