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FREE SHIPPING: EU Orders €75+ | International Orders €200+

Adorn Your Soul






Enrich your state of mind & being, with the Adorn Your Soul collection of home decor and necklace jewelry by Grech & Co. 


Our Necklaces are handcrafted and made with quality in mind.  Each chain is made in Italy from solid 925 silver and then plated with 24k gold. Our pendants use only ethically mined Brazilian crystals and are also plated in 24k gold.

Protect your soul with the Amulet amethyst necklace.  Amethyst is a known nurturer for happiness, bravery, and calm, as well as a protector against stress, anxiety, insomnia, and dependency, to name a few.  The Amethyst in the Amulet necklace is set in gold plating and ethically mined from the ground in South Brazil. Strung on a beautiful chain made of 24k gold plated solid 925 silver, its closure is complimented by a lobster clasp.

A great necklace for those manifesting and raising their vibration, clear quartz adorns the Gypsy dream catcher, protecting the wearer from negative energies whilst amplifying intentions and attuning the wearer to their higher self.  Nurture your soul & free your spirit within. Made with only the highest quality materials and ethically mined crystal from the ground in South Brazil, the Gypsy necklace is eye catching and timeless.  


Home Decor

Adorn Your Soul by Grech & Co. are handcrafted crystals created with our own unique custom design that captures the natural and baroque beauty of mother earth's gift to nature.

With 24k gold plated sides, natural polished stone on the bottom, and gorgeous druzy cluster points that shimmer and shine, Adorn Your Soul has everything you want.

Given as a gift with a special phrase engraved on the side, or as home decor to bring a lovely energy to any room, each piece is truly one of a kind.