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Top Back To School Essential for Kids | Must-Have Backpacks and More

Top Back To School Essential for Kids | Must-Have Backpacks and More

✨ Ring, Ring! The School Bell Beckons! ✨

As the school bell chimes, a world of learning and laughter unfolds.
Gear up for the exciting journey ahead with GRECH & CO.'s ultimate Back-to-School Essentials – a symphony of style, sustainability, and sheer convenience. From the classroom to the cafeteria, we've curated a magical lineup that ensures your child's school days are nothing short of extraordinary.

Must-Have Backpacks and More:

Petit & Grand Insulated Backpack1. The Petit & Grand Insulated Backpack
The Petit & Grand Insulated Backpack – is your stylish solution to on-the-go organization! Featuring two spacious upper compartments, one for A4s and extras, plus a separate insulated lower section to keep your food fresh or store gym essentials. With travel-friendly straps and certifications including OEKO-TEX and GRS Recycled, this backpack offers the perfect blend of fashion and function. Don't miss the innovative insulated base, side pockets, and hidden front pocket for ultimate convenience. Make your journey magical with the Petit & Grand Insulated Backpack!
Click Here To See Our Petit & Grand Insulated Backpack

2.  Essentials + Pencil Case
The Essentials + Pencil Case by GRECH & CO. allows you to easily organize and store school supplies, toiletries and other everyday essentials. It features a large middle section compartment with a full elastic pocket on one side and a two-sectioned elastic pocket on the other side.
Click Here To See Our Essentials + Pencil Case

Child’s Cooking and Crafts Skills3. Children’s Cooking + Crafts Smock
Add even more magic to your child’s cooking and crafts skills with the teacher and parent approved GRECH & CO. waterproof smock. Consciously created with easy to clean recycled fabric, it features front clasp buttons to foster independent wear, and features an under fabric layer for added protection at the buttons. Clasp buttons at the sleeves allow for a short or long sleeve style as well as extended use while children grow.
School is not only about learning it it is aslo a social, sharing experience where mealtime is as the heart of this experience that's why we made it convenient for lunchtime and school excursion.
Click Here To See Our Children’s Cooking + Crafts Smock

Inuslated Launch Bag4.  Insulated Lunch Bag
The GRECH & CO. Insulated Cooler Lunch Bag keeps hot and cold temperatures throughout the day. Featuring an adjustable open and close buckle strap for versatile hands free wear, it can be worn cross body or over the shoulder.
PEVA lining allows for a food safe, easy to wipe clean interior. It's large size fits the GRECH & CO. silicone lunchbox with extra room for snacks and other items. An elastic mesh pocket encourage easy organization of utensils, napkins and other lunchtime essentials.
Click Here To See Our Insulated Lunch Bag

Bite & Sip | 14oz. and 18oz. | Thermo Water Bottle5. Bite + Sip Thermo Water Bottle | 14oz & 18oz
Bite & Sip with Confidence! with the 14oz. and 18oz. Thermo Water Bottle features a spill-proof bite and sip valve. Enjoy cooler drinks longer with double vacuum insulation and anti-slip base. Versatile design for all ages. Discover sustainability with GRECH & CO. bottle accessories, reducing environmental impact over time.
Click Here To See Our Bite + Sip Thermo Water Bottle | 14oz & 18oz

The GRECH & CO. Twist & Go Thermo Water Bottle6. Twist + Go Thermo Water Bottle | 14oz & 18oz
The GRECH & CO. Twist & Go Thermo Water Bottle: Leak-free twist cap for convenience. Keep drinks hot or cold with double vacuum stainless steel. Versatile design for all, plus sustainable with GRECH & CO. replacement pieces, reducing environmental impact. Hydration made easy and enjoyable!
Click Here To See Our Twist + Go Thermo Water Bottle | 14oz & 18oz

GRECH & CO. stainless steel + Tritan® thermo food jar7. Thermo Snack + Food Jar
Stay replenished with the GRECH & CO. stainless steel + Tritan® thermo food jar.
Highly durable and 2-in-1 integrated, our reusable stainless steel food jars redefine convenience. Hot and cold thermo function meets minimalist design in signature colors, perfect for all ages. From soups to snacks, unleash your culinary creativity – ideal for adults and imaginative munchies! Elevate your eating experience with GRECH & CO. thermo food jars.
Silicone Lunch Box7. Grand Silicone Lunchbox
Lunch time just got a whole lot more fun with the GRECH & CO. easy to transport and clean Color Splash Silicone Lunch Box. With a larger than average size, and 3 divided sections, this lunch box is suitable for the young at heart - big or small.
Click Here To See Our Grand Silicone Lunchbox

As the pages of a new school chapter turn, GRECH & CO. stands by your side, infusing each day with style, sustainability, and a dash of magic. From classrooms to cafeterias, let our Back-to-School Essentials pave the way for an unforgettable journey of growth, exploration, and delight. Embrace the extraordinary – because with GRECH & CO., school becomes an enchanting adventure! 📚🌟 #GRECHandCO #BacktoSchoolMagic
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