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7 Easy Steps To Teach Your Kids How to Tell Time

Teaching kids how to tell time is an important milestone in their development. By following this step-by-step guide and incorporating tools like clocks and the GRECH & CO. watch, you can help your children with a valuable and essential skill that will provide them manage their daily routines and understand the concept of time.

We know it can be challenging at first, but with the right approach, you can make the learning process for your little one an enjoyable experience.
  1. Start with the basics: Introduce the concept of time and explain the difference between hours, minutes, and seconds using relatable examples and activities. Then, reinforce learning through hands-on activities like setting timers, creating daily routines, and playing time-related games. This interactive approach makes learning about time engaging and practical.

  2. Learn the hours: Start by teaching your child to identify the hours on the clock. Use the GRECH & CO. watch's color contrast and labeled minute and hour hands; the color differentiation help children to understand how  interpret the positions of the hands accurately.

  3.  Practice associating hours with daily routines: Point out the position of the hour hand on the GRECH & CO. watch and associate it with specific times of the day. Discuss daily routines and events that happen during different hours, reinforcing their understanding of how time relates to their activities.

  4. Practice counting minutes: Engage your child in activities that involve counting minutes. Use a stopwatch or a timer to measure short intervals, and have them identify the corresponding position of the minute hand on the clock. Make it a fun game to reinforce their understanding.
  5. Use the color contrast 5-minute blocks: The GRECH & CO. watch has color contrast 5-minute blocks that assist in identifying and counting minutes accurately. These blocks reinforce their comprehension of time intervals.

  6. Introduce half and quarter hours: Teach your child about half hours and quarter hours on the clock. Explain that the minute hand points to the 6 for half hours, and the 3 for quarter hours. Provide examples and encourage them to practice reading time involving half and quarter hours.

  7. Teach reading exact time: Once your child is comfortable with the basics, introduce reading the exact time. Start with simple examples and gradually increase the complexity. Encourage your child to practice telling time by relating it to their daily activities and schedules.

    It's time to dive into the exciting world of telling time with your little ones!
    Try our method and watch your kids become time-telling wizards.

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