Baltic Amber Care & Safety Information


 For centuries Baltic amber jewelry has been traditionally worn as a natural means to bring a peaceful essence of wellness to the wearer.

Found washed ashore the Baltic regions, amber is not a stone, but a tree resin that has formed over many millions of years.  Baltic amber is known to have the highest levels of the healing agent 'succinic acid' in comparison with amber from any other region in the world.  Succinic Acid is a recognized 'analgesic' or 'healing agent' by Allopathic Medicine.  It is drug free - a said natural remedy for pain relief and more....

Our amber passes EN71-3, ensuring the absence of nickel or other dangerous toxins or chemicals, and is certified Genuine Baltic amber.

Each of our Amber pieces will come with a linen pouch for safe storage and certificate that our amber beads are genuine Baltic amber. Perfect for gift giving as well.





It is very important that you follow the safety advice provided below to prevent any potential choking or strangulation hazards from occurring:





When choosing the best size necklace for your child, measure the area to be worn: 
Necklaces should have a 2 finger fit between the neck and the measuring device. Yes, a short style is - a safe style. Necklaces should never be able to slip over the chin and into the mouth. Amber teething jewelry are not for chewing on, but for direct skin contact only.


    EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 necklaces and anklets are not suitable for children under 36 months, due to the small parts. Parent's reserve the right to decide use after purchase. 

    Given the above safety instructions, tips, and warnings, we cannot assume any responsibility for use after purchase.



    • For safer wear when worn during sleep (although not recommended) one can remove a necklace and fasten it under clothing around the thigh.  One can also fasten as an anklet or double wrap a necklace as an anklet and tuck under the sock, or under a full pajama - with footsies.
    • For safe school style, wear jewelry as an anklet tucked under the sock
    • Clean / Polish your amber often enough to keep beads clear of anything covering the beads, preventing the succinic acid to be released. 
    • One can 'recharge' their amber under / on a source of heat to increase its effectiveness.  One can also leave under the moonlight to 'cleanse' the properties