Our Story


A timeless lifestyle brand; each Grech & Co. collection is infused with an organic vibe that embraces the natural essence of Parenthood & Childhood.  

Born from a Mother's desire to find drug-free products that eased her children's up-all-night teething troubles, Grech & Co. was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2015. From 2016-2018, Grech & Co. became the first of it's kind on the gorgeous island of Malta, offering family wellness through functional and purposeful accessories. In Autumn of 2018,  Grech & Co.'s main base will return to, and remain in Denmark, with a fourth precious Baby to be born soon after in December 2018.

Through experience teaching children with and without special needs, and knowledge from having earned a Masters in Education in California, every Grech & Co. item is consciously designed and handcrafted, with the goal to safely nurture the developmental and intellectual growth of the child. From within the womb through the gentle chime of a bola necklace, into the days of childhood expression with a children's Empowerment Necklace, you will be pleased to find wellbeing for the individual, and the family as a whole.


Designed especially for expecting mothers to wear during and after pregnancy; Angel of Mine Bola Necklaces nurture the natural bond between a mother and her child, making the loveliest heirloom gift. Also known as an Angel Caller, each piece can be worn shortened by women wishing to call on their guardian angels.

Baltic amber jewelry for teething, colic, and wellness: bring a natural and peaceful essence of wellness to children with teething pain, and adults suffering from migraines, stress, anxiety and more.

Mamma Necklaces: organic wood + silicone nursing & teething necklaces and accessories: are modern, etherial, and truly one of a kind. Created for function and beauty, each jewelry piece will hold many memories to come, and it's beauty allow for style and fashion well after the teething days.

Empowerment Kids: personalized name, expression, & custom designed necklaces that allow the 3 and up tribe to design and express their own unique individuality.


Image Credit: M&J Photo Studio