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Journal 2 | December 16th, 2022 - GRECH & CO.

Journal 2 | December 16th, 2022

Let us tip our hat or clink a glass to - OURSELVES!  Why?

Because this time of year can be quite a juggle for many and most of us. If you are anything like me, the days already blend quickly enough as it is, then mix all the school holiday festivities and activities, plus the holiday shopping, decorating, work and LIFE, well it hardly leaves time for much of anything else. It is especially important when life gets extra demanding, that we remind ourselves - we are doing it. Even if it's not picture perfect - we are doing our best. And that is enough.

Staying Grounded
So how do we stay grounded during a time where we are “supposed” to slow down, connect, and be Merry, when all the while we are running amok?  One of the best ways I find myself gaining ground is through connecting.  Connecting with my family, my children and myself.  Just taking a moment to pause + connect.

Pockets of Time
You may not be able to slow down your work flow or the onslaught of work meetings, school breakfasts and concerts, and gift shopping and wrapping, but - there will be pockets of time. 

Pockets of time where you can sit with your kids and with a little preparation, make a craft together. Pockets of time where you can grab your jackets and take a walk in nature together. Moments where you can play a holiday movie and throw in that extra treat to make it more memorable. Print a free printable online and color together, meanwhile making decorations for the fridge or kid’s room. Or better yet, gift your artwork to a neighbour or grandparent. Who doesn't love a child’s handmade with love scribble pictures after all?

Take it, No… Make it Easy
Keep it simple. Oftentimes we scroll through the feeds of our social media friends and fancies and we fall prey to the plight of “guilt”, as if what we are doing is - not enough. That we can always do more, or be more, or…. well, you know what I mean. So here are some super easy and quick ideas of how we can connect more with our family and ourselves during the hustle and bustle of the holidays - within those little pockets of time.  Best of all, you can use these ideas the whole year through.

It’s That Simple! 

GRECH & CO. IdeasGet Crafty!
Two Easy Ideas
DIY Lanterns | Snowflake - Stars
Getting crafty together does not need to take a lot of time, preparation or money. Here are two very easy and quick ideas for ages 3+ that can be enjoyed all year around.

DIY Glitter Stars (or Snowflakes)

GRECH & CO. Crafts

DIY Lanterns
Lanterns are a beautiful addition to the front porch or as window decor, and they add warmth and light to the darker days.

GRECH & CO. Crafts 2

I hope this entry has offered some inspiration to your week. If so, we would love to know! Snap a photo and tag us, it would make our hearts happy to see your special moments. 

With Love,

Janet + GRECH & CO.

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